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Training + Consulting

Training and Consulting Background

Through my time working in the field I have had many opportunities to speak to small and larger groups of various professionals during presentations, conferences, and the NEW online course on Identifying and Working with Sexualized Behaviors in Youth.


During the duration of my time spent at Center for Contextual Change, I had the unique opportunity to be mentored by Mary Jo Barrett learning the Collaborative Change Model and Trauma Informed Trainings she presents throughout the U.S. and Europe.  

To inquire about a training or consulting for your practice, organization, or community please read the available options below and click on the corresponding contact button to reach out to me for prices and more specifics. 

I am passionate about bringing my professional skills and knowledge to the world. We all have our own talents and abilities to contribute and I believe that my unique experiences and way of connecting with people will bring you or your community the skills and competency needed to be the healthiest and happiest communities and individuals. 

Small Groups

Whether you are a small business, non-profit, or practice of less than 20, I can accommodate intimate trainings around trauma informed approaches, understanding vulnerability and resilience, building skills such as mindfulness or communication, or adapting to the specific needs of your group.  

Communities, Organizations, and Schools

I will accommodate what your community needs are by bringing education, skills, and a feel of walking away with competence regarding: 

trauma informed training, social and emotional health, compassion fatigue, Prevention of problematic sexual behavior in youth 12+, parent awareness and skills, and much more. 


and Large Organizations

Mental and emotional health are key areas where businesses lose productivity and have the least amount of skills for managing their employees. I can tailor my skills and knowledge to what your organization may need for healthiest and happiest employees to walk away with skills and competencies to apply during their work and personal time. Please contact me to see what I can bring to your team! 


Professionals who are looking for insights on trauma, sexual behavior problems, or anger management can reach out to me to set up an individual or team consultation meeting. I also offer educational series sessions where you can sign up for certain amount of sessions on one specific topic for a reduced fee. To learn more please feel free to contact me and explain your specific needs for consulting. 

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