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Therapy Services

Image by Caleb Lucas

Individual Therapy

I work with individuals from ages 12 and older. I work from an integrative approach which you can learn more from my About page. I see the person as a whole system which is interconnected of mind, body, and energy, and that therapy is a collaborative process between myself and my clients. I work with those experiencing anxiety, depression, those impacted by trauma, those who have perpetrated trauma, adjustment and transitional issues, and those struggling with life interfering behaviors.  

Skills Coaching + Specialized Treatment Program

Sometimes people take short cuts as a way out of discomfort, trauma, or not having the proper outlets and skills to effectively manage what is going on inside of and around them. People will use these management patterns to attempt to soothe, control, and eliminate triggers. If you struggle with feeling out of control, others have given you feedback about your behaviors causing them harm, or you feel that you have tried other ways to control your anger, sexual behaviors, other life altering behaviors then it might be time to reach out and take back control of your life. Set up an intake session to see if these programs are right for you.

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