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Creating a new lens on an unspeakable problem to me means being aware of discomfort and fear in the place of managing it in the form of control and avoidance. In my career I have heard stories from those using violence and those who have had violence used against them. Somewhere along the way I realized the collective “we” are not doing enough to prevent violence, specifically sexual violence! I chose to be a part of the solution by standing constant vigilance, awareness, and bringing a voice to the unspeakable. To focus on prevention rather than reactionary consequences to those violence impacts. As a preventionist my mission is to bring light to sexual violence, and create solutions that targets the possibility of change.

I have written a white paper titled, “Moving towards prevention creating a new lens: early detection and intervention of sexually problematic behaviors in youth.” Below is the abstract of the paper, and if you are interested in reading the full text please contact me I will be happy to send it to you. I hope it inspires a conversation to arise so that more of the collective “us” can be a part of this change.



As a licensed clinical professional counselor working with trauma of sexual violence, I have made it my duty to be a prevention focused clinician. In this paper you will find evidence for why sexual violence among youth is a prevalent problem in our institutions and communities, while also providing, support of the proposal that prevention of sexual violence is possible, and a solution based outline from my own prevention program and training that can give anyone the tools to detect and intervene in early stages of sexually problematic behaviors before they become a burden on the system itself.

Prevention Program

Through my work I have heard countless narratives and cycles of abuse that have highlighted the notion that the collective "we" can be doing more to prevent sexual abuse from an early stage. I have created an early prevention and intervention program and online course for systems, organizations,communities, and individuals working with youth 12+ who want to do more about preventing sexual abuse in youth. There are many successful programs that focus on prevention and intervention strategies for those who may be most vulnerable to be impacted by sexual abuse; this program focuses on the other end of this spectrum and working on prevention and intervention of problematic sexual behaviors in youth 12 and older.  


With the training, assessment, and intervention strategies this program provides your system, organization, community, or individuals will be better informed and capable of handling a variety of situations where problematic sexual behaviors arise in youth 12 and older. Please follow up by visiting the Training + Consultation page to schedule a call about your training needs around this very important topic. If you are interested in the online course then please click HERE to go to the course web page. 

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